Smelly Jelly Fishing Attractants
Manufactured by: Catcher Company
ABOUT US & OUR PRODUCT: Catcher Company has been in business since 1987. Making a wide range of no-toxic, bio-safe fishing attractants called Smelly Jelly. We developed Smelly Jelly after years of hard work and extensive research, to produce an attractant that is second to none! At Catcher Company we pride ourselves on making the most potent fishing attractants on the market!

WHAT WE MAKE: We make a 4 oz. liquid called Smelly Jelly Sticky Liquid, a 4 oz. gel/paste called Smelly Jelly Pro Guide Formula and a 1 oz. gel/paste. Over the years we have developed 60 different scents that cover many different species of fish, Whatever you fish for, odds are we have an attractant to help you catch it. Here is a list of our most popular attractants:

4 oz. liquid- Herring, Shrimp, Crawfish, Anchovy, Salmon Feast.

4 oz. Pro Guide- Triple Strength Crawfish, Bass Feast, Shrimp, Crawfish/anise, Shad.

1 oz. gel/paste- Crawdaddy, Shrimp Glow, Trout Feast,

*Smelly Jelly is a registered Trademark*

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